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Honaro is above all a community

By joining Honaro you will gain access to the platform’s unlimited possibilities!

Are you looking for a company or a specialist?

One of the many benefits of having a profile with Honaro is access to our advanced search facility to find an offer that perfectly matches your expectations faster than anything else. By using targeted search criteria, you will single out the company that meets your needs. If you prefer, however, that companies come to you instead, just post an offer and select from the bids made by various companies especially for you, all without financial commitment. Using our interactive map, you will be able to choose the best route to the most convenient company.

Verify and share your knowledge with others

Honaro also allows you to verify the quality of services and products offered by various companies. You can check the opinions of other customers, read reviews, and see if any of your acquaintances recommend the company. Honaro allows the exchange of reliable knowledge of the quality of services and products by meeting the expectations of both companies and their customers. Once your business' work together has concluded, you will be able to share information on a company with other users. Don’t forget that only those who have already used a company's services can share their opinions. Your comments will therefore be a valuable indicatior to potential customers.

Plan your career

Honaro is also a perfect place for people looking for work or additional employment, as it provides access to thousands of job offers from your country and abroad. If you prefer to be found by an employer instead, simply draw its attention to you, by posting a resume with your credentials. Watch your opportunities grow, and the door to an international career open. Honaro also allows you to create and manage a network of contacts. These are very helpful in finding a job or beginning work with various business partners.

Get discounts and win prizes

If you decide to join the customers of a company, you will be informed of all company news – novelties, promotions, sales, etc. You can receive special discounts and coupons for the company’s services. At the same time, as a member of the Honaro community, you will also get the chanceto win many great prizes. Your reliable opinions and evaluations will help in gathering together valuable knowledge, so you can take advantage of many opportunities.